Zada M. Cooper Scholarship

The Zada M. Cooper Scholarship was established in 1955 in honor of Kappa Epsilon’s founder, Zada M. Cooper. Recognizing superior achievement, the scholarship is supported by a small percentage of each member’s national dues in addition to KE Members who donate to the KE Foundation Scholarship Fund. This award consists of five $1000 scholarships that are presented annually to active collegiate members by the KE Foundation.

The applicant must have completed the equivalent of six semesters of undergraduate education with at least two of these semesters in an accredited college of pharmacy. Preference is given to applicants who have maintained high academic standards and have also contributed substantially to the activities of their KE Chapter and college of pharmacy. Consideration is also given to those applicants who are in need of financial assistance. There may be more than one applicant per collegiate chapter. Applications due by November 1, 11:59 EDT.


How to Apply

  • Eligibility Requirements: Collegiate members in good standing may apply
  • Scholastic Ability: Completed six semesters of undergraduate education with at least two semesters in an accredited college of pharmacy
  • Submit Your Application: Consideration will be given to those who need financial assistance


Past Recipients

2024 Winners

Keoria Magee                                              Alpha Gamma Chapter
Alexis Nicoson                                            Psi Chapter
Kathleen Rish                                             Beta Alpha Chapter
Vini Vyas                                                    Sigma Chapter
Kiran Wazir
                                                Upsilon Chapter


2023 Winners
Cheney Gertz                                               Pi Chapter
Madisen Hansen                                          Chi Chapter
Laurenne Lafrance                                       Kappa Chapter
Kaylen Schier                                               Alpha Beta Chapter
Jennifer Tran
                                               Xi Chapter

2022 Winners
Alexis Youngpeter                                         Psi Chapter
Leah Franks                                                  Alpha Gamma Chapter
Caitlin Hawkins                                             Rho Chapter
Kelly Jeon                                                     Alpha Chi Chapter
Jennifer Baird
                                              Alpha Phi Chapter

2021 Winners
Jason Acevedo                                              Beta Alpha Chapter
Brittany Butterfield                                         Alpha Theta Chapter
Elizabeth Heard                                             Alpha Delta Chapter
Amrita Kanwar                                               Xi Chapter
Stephanie Scuotto                                         Beta Beta Chapter

2020 Winners 
Asia Johnson                                                   Alpha Lambda Chapter
Heather Ortego                                               Alpha Epsilon Chapter
Liw Panichakornkul                                         Beta Mu Chapter
Victoria Rathcke                                              Alpha Epsilon Chapter
Abigail Sirek                                                    Chi Chapter

2019 Winners
Ashley Buige                                                   Lambda Chapter
Maggie Dempster                                           Psi Chapter
Samantha Hoppe                                           Chi Chapter
Ashley Sotoodeh                                            Xi Chapter
Tori Taylor                                                       Kappa Chapter

2018 Winners
Carly Bryan                                                     Alpha Phi Chapter
Katherine Key                                                 Alpha Delta Chapter
Amanda Liebrecht                                          Psi Chapter
Kayla Sheets                                                  Tau Chapter
Megan Stephan                                              Psi Chapter

2017 Winners
Morgan Cawthon                                            Alpha Gamma Chapter
Ally Jarvi                                                         Beta Mu Chapter
Taylor Lansing                                                Tau Chapter
Bionqua Lynch                                                Beta Tau Chapter
Kristina Rosus                                                Pi Chapter

2016 Winners
Hannah Astley                                                Alpha Phi Chapter
Jessica Bankston                                           Beta Gamma Chapter
Vincent Cascone                                            Omega Chapter
Sarah Fawaz                                                  Alpha Omega Chapter
Lindsay Helton                                               Beta Gamma Chapter

2015 Winners
Kortney Brammeier                                         Alpha Omicron Chapter
Lauren Dartois                                                Chi Chapter
Antonia Fawaz                                                Alpha Omega Chapter
Constance Terrell                                            Beta Gamma Chapter
Angela Walsh                                                  Sigma Chapter

2014 Winners
Katherine Bliven                                             Beta Epsilon Chapter
Kaylyn Chandler                                             Alpha Chi Chapter
Morgan Greutman                                          Alpha Beta Chapter
Hallie Hudson                                                 Alpha Phi Chapter
Elise Reyes                                                    Alpha Omega Chapter

2013 Winners
Rebecca Clarke                                              Alpha Phi Chapter
Loza Dejene                                                   Alpha Beta Chapter
Morgan Fleming                                             Beta Kappa Chapter
Lauren Harbaugh                                           Psi Chapter
Dana Merkel                                                   Chi Chapter

2012 Winners
Avery Karnes                                                  Alpha Beta Chapter
Mary Riedy                                                     Alpha Phi Chapter
Lauren Rupp                                                  Psi Chapter
Sandra Souvannachak                                   Alpha Beta Chapter
Emily Willett                                                    Alpha Lambda Chapter

2011 Winners
Ashlyn Bozeman                                             Alpha Delta Chapter
Athena Brand                                                  Xi Chapter
Kristen Johnson                                              Alpha Phi Chapter
Michele H. Simmons                                       Alpha Rho Chapter
Erin Woodard                                                  Alpha Delta Chapter

2010 Winners
Jennifer Bennett                                              Alpha Beta Chapter
Jacqueline Hilton                                            Alpha Phi Chapter
Shelby Jenkins                                               Alpha Chi Chapter
Sarah Neuhauser                                           Chi Chapter
Kristina Chen Yen                                           Kappa Chapter
Lyndsay Zotian                                               Beta Epsilon Chapter

2009 Winners
Kristin Fish                                                     Omega Chapter
Amy Landau                                                   Kappa Chapter
Kristen Murtha                                                Alpha Phi Chapter
Susan Norman                                                Beta Beta Chapter
Sara Snow                                                      Alpha Chi Chapter
Malinda Treiber                                               Chi Chapter

2008 Winners
Jessica Beal                                                   Alpha Delta Chapter
Kimberly Flynn                                                Alpha Chi Chapter
Tiffany Gillies                                                  Chi Chapter
Kim Le                                                             Alpha Beta Chapter
Megan Neary                                                  Alpha Phi Chapter
Jennifer Teat                                                   Alpha Epsilon Chapter

2007 Winners
Salvatore Bottiglieri                                        Alpha Upsilon Chapter
Mary Cady                                                       Omega Chapter
Nancy Miller                                                    Alpha Chi Chapter
Tonya Stenger                                                Psi Chapter
Katherine Stutzman                                        Alpha Phi Chapter
Terri Zepponi                                                  Alpha Gamma Chapter

2006 Winners
Ashley Adams                                                 Alpha Delta Chapter
Lindsey Clevinger                                           Alpha Chi Chapter
Sarah Fetterman                                             Alpha Phi Chapter
Alyssa Greedy                                                Omega Chapter
Gretchen Hinders                                           Chi Chapter
Mandy Young                                                  Alpha Phi Chapter

2005 Winners
Melanie Claborn                                             Alpha Beta Chapter
Jenny Goffinet                                                Pi Chapter
Elizabeth Hunter                                             Pi Chapter
Allison Lohman                                               Omega Chapter
Stephanie Perry                                              Alpha Chi Chapter
Amanda Stuber                                               Alpha Phi Chapter

2004 Winners
Elizabeth Contreras                                        Xi  Chapter
Dena Gaw                                                       Alpha Lambda Chapter
Kandice Jeske                                                Alpha Beta Chapter
Amanda Lehenbauer                                      Omega Chapter
Paula Rychlik                                                  Xi Chapter
Sarah Saft                                                       Pi Chapter

2003 Winners
Martha Anne Akdins                                       Alpha Chi Chapter
Sabrina Edgeman                                           Alpha Beta Chapter
Jennifer Lynn Essary                                     Omega Chapter
Teresa Marie Seefeldt                                    Chi Chapter
Lea C. Terwiske                                             Pi Chapter

2002 Winners
Jennifer Nicole Yarborough                            Alpha Rho Chapter
Adrian Elaine Adkins                                      Xi Chapter
Alicia Louise Kettlewell                                   Omega Chapter
Laura Kimberly Williford                                  Alpha Rho Chapter
Wendy Gray Leach                                         Kappa Chapter
Kathleen Germaine Evans Green                  Alpha Chapter

2001 Winners
Lynn Sloan Burch                                            Alpha Lambda Chapter
Kristin Elise Harrison                                      Alpha Beta Chapter
Julie Lynn Tolle                                               Alpha Rho Chapter
Lesa JoAnn Graves                                        Alpha Delta Chapter
Monica Ann Pearson                                      Mu Chapter
Karen Ann Wilson                                          Alpha Delta Chapter

2000 Winners
Ann Elizabeth Roach                                     Alpha Beta Chapter
Marci Machelle Henderson                            Kappa Chapter
Mary Catherine Quenzer                               Chi Chapter
Melissa Ann Schroeder                                  Pi Chapter
Celene Marie Amabile                                    Tau Chapter
Angela Marie Burgei                                       Psi Chapter