National Projects

National Projects

Kappa Epsilon supports two professional endeavors on a national level including breast cancer and ovarian cancer awareness.

Collegiate and alumni chapters and colonies are encouraged to develop and participate in one or both or these programs during each year. Chapters with exceptional programs are recognized at the Kappa Epsilon National Convention held during odd-numbered years. The National Projects Committee coordinates the distribution of information on these projects to all chapters.

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Consider the needs of the community

Create events and educational programs that meet the needs

Gather enthusiastic members to present and share their knowledge

Breast Cancer Awareness
Kappa Epsilon adopted Breast Cancer Awareness as a national project in memory of Linda Rodgers, who developed breast cancer during her term as Grand Council President from 1981-84. Later that year, Linda died of breast cancer. This dynamic woman, whose motto was “Do it till they tell you, you can`t,” influenced many people during her lifetime.

Each year since, KE Members have helped raise awareness through professional projects and service activities. Projects have included participating in Breast Cancer Awareness walks and runs, fundraising through raffles and community activities, donate goodie baskets to breast cancer survivors and participate in health fairs and awareness programs.

Collegiate and alumni chapters are encouraged to develop and/or participate in one or more Breast Cancer Awareness programs during the year. Chapters with exceptional programs are recognized at the Kappa Epsilon National Biennial Convention..

Examples of Breast Cancer Awareness Projects

• Collect Yoplait® yogurt lids
• Market day-pink accessories sale
• Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons, car magnets
• Breast Cancer Awareness education
• Pink fashion show
• Breast cancer care packages/baskets
• Valentine carnations to chemo patients
• Breast cancer speaker
• Distribute breast exam cards to dorms
• Breast cancer walks
• T-shirts
• Series of survival stories

Ovarian Cancer Awareness
During the 2015 Kappa Epsilon Convention, the delegates voted to remove Pharmacy Career Opportunity Recruitment Project (Pharm-CORP) as the secondary National Project because it did not align with our primary National Project. The delegates also voted to expand the focus of our National Project by adding Ovarian Cancer Awareness as a part of the primary National Project.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness was selected because it is not as universal as Breast Cancer Awareness. Ovarian Cancer ranks 5th in cancers among women, but it accounts for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. Also increasing awareness is important because there is no screening for this cancer and it is predominately diagnosed in stage III or later.

Starting in the fall of 2015 KE Members were encouraged to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer by handing out teal ribbons and information about Ovarian Cancer. The goal is for staring in the fall of 2016 to hold events to help raise awareness, such as sponsoring a guest speaker or hosting a “Wear Teal Day” at their school.

Collegiate and alumni chapters are encouraged to develop and/or participate in both a Breast Cancer Awareness and Ovarian Cancer Awareness event during the year but are not required to participate in both. Chapter with innovative programs will be recognized at the Kappa Epsilon National Biennial Convention.

Examples of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Projects

• Light up iconic buildings on campus with teal lights
• Banners for support with option to buy a ribbon to place on the banner
• Ovarian Cancer 5K
• Teal Gala
• Beauty classes for women undergoing treatment
• Wig fundraisers
• Concert fundraisers
• Awareness luncheons
• Brighten Up workshops