Annual Appeal

Dear Kappa Epsilon Member,                                                                                      

We hope this letter finds you well. As you can imagine, 2020 was especially challenging for many of our collegiates and alumni. With this, the Kappa Epsilon Foundation would like to be in the position to provide more assistance to our members, especially those in need. With that, I am writing you today to kindly ask for your help to ensure our future of pharmacy continues to shine brightly.

The Kappa Epsilon Foundation was established in 1992 to assist our members by sponsoring and promoting educational programs and research projects in the field of pharmacy; promoting and supporting continuing education programs for alumni; and promoting the scholarship, character, and morality of collegiates by providing educational advantages and fostering intellectual excellence through grants, fellowships, scholarship incentives and awards. 

The KE Foundation has awarded the Zada M. Cooper Scholarship to more than 375 aspiring collegiates; recognized many exemplary collegiates and alumni through the Linda T. Rodgers Memorial Award; bestowed several grants to collegiate and alumni chapters; underwritten educational programming at biennial conventions and the Fraternity’s website; awarded book scholarships; and, enhanced mentoring roles. 

We are suggesting a contribution of $250 from our members who are able to contribute to continue providing funds for these worthwhile programs, as well as allow for new programming. These funds may offer a tax incentive and they will assist you in providing a legacy to the Fraternity and profession. Additional ways to tailor your giving are at   Your inspired giving is the key to sustaining and furthering the work supported by the KE Foundation.   

On behalf of the KE Foundation, I extend our sincere appreciation for your consideration and support of our many worthwhile initiatives. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or contribution ideas. Thank you for your generosity! 

In the Bond, 

Donna M. Heffner, RPh, MBA (Alum-at-Large; Omicron), KE4Life

Kappa Epsilon Foundation President

Kappa Epsilon Foundation President

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