National Committees

The National Committees serve the mission of the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity by achieving its goals. The committee members are volunteers chosen to serve throughout a biennium and are appointed during the Kappa Epsilon National Convention. Several committees are comprised of an alumni member and an officer of the Grand Council.

These valued committee members are strategic in the work of Kappa Epsilon, as they review, solicit, gather, develop, present, coordinate, update, select, submit and ensure that every detail is accomplished to achieve the goals.

Committee Chairs


Debbie Neupert

Alumni Interest Committee
Linda McElhiney, VP Alumni Development

Bylaws & Publications
Nikkina Hankins, President 

Nikkina Hankins, President

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforce
Adwoa Sasu, Committee Chair

National Projects
Ashley Abkowitz, Committee Chair

Christine Bryant, Past President

Melissa Ruble

Awards Committee

Chair: Debbie Neupert
GC Liaison: Christine Bryant, President


  • Publicize national KE awards 
  • Solicit nominations according to the established timeline
  • Review nominations and recommend award recipients to Grand Council
  • Suggest candidates for awards given by other professional organizations
  • Gather information regarding the accomplishments of KE members 
  • Notify Vice President of Communications of all award winners 
  • Update award criteria as necessary 
  • Determine the need to create or retire awards 
Alumni Interest Committee

Kristina Rosus, Vice President of Alumni Development

Serve as advocates for the sustainability of the fraternity’s alumni members, including but not limited, to the following tasks:

  • Address needs among each and all alumni generations
  • Identify and support professional development opportunities
  • Develop sustainable plans and events for alumni programming
  • Encourage the lifelong membership of Kappa Epsilon
  • Bridging the gap between Alumni on Rotation and Alumni at Large
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Taskforce

Chairs: Adwoa Sasu

GC Liaison: Christine Bryant, President


  • Revise, update, and develop policies & procedures to reinforce diversity and inclusion within Kappa Epsilon
  • Create a library of DEI resources to enrich and foster an inclusive environment in our current membership
  • Plan and host DEI workshops for the membership
  • Actively promote DEI initiatives through all communication platforms and support collegiate, alumni, and professional members who participate in such activities 
Bylaws & Publications Review Committee

Chair: Nikkina Hankins, President-Elect

• Review and revise all national publications once per biennium
• Develop document listing proposed changes to the national bylaws
• Present proposed bylaws changes for adoption at Convention
• Update model collegiate bylaws to correspond with national bylaws
• Coordinate revisions to other publications as necessary following bylaws revisions

Convention Committee

Chair: Christine Bryant, President

• Determine programming needs and CE content for Convention
• Work with executive director to solicit donations for Convention
• Seek CE provider and coordinate grant submissions
• Secure presenters for Convention
• Select welcome dinner theme and plan activities
• Solicit donations and prepare goodie bags

National Projects Committee

Chair: Ja’Miera Stuart

GC Liaison: Ashley Sotoodeh, Secretary


  • Assist chapters in promoting and planning breast cancer and ovarian cancer awareness programs 
  • Select chapters to receive Outstanding National Project Awards at Convention 
  • Assist VP Communications with national project content for the website and The BOND
  • Plan and advertise the Week of Service to chapters 
Nominations Committee

Chair: Erin Lingenfelter, Past President

• Request candidate recommendations from collegiate and alumni chapters
• Announce the slate of candidates for Grand Council and their qualifications
• Present its report to Grand Chapter at the first business session during convention

Scholarship Committee

Chair: Melissa Ruble
GC Liaison: Christine Bryant, President


  • Ensure appropriate advertising of the Zada Cooper Scholarship
  • Encourage chapters to set a goal of at least one applicant per year 
  • Receive and evaluate all scholarship applications 
  • Send congratulatory letters to winners, Advisors, and Deans
  • Notify VP Communications of winners for inclusion in The BOND and posting on the KE website