Prospective Members

Today, both men and women are KE Members. We encourage all pharmacy students who are interested in becoming involved with a professional pharmacy fraternity to consider becoming a member of Kappa Epsilon.

All pharmacy students attending a designated college or university where a Kappa Epsilon Chapter is active may contact the respective Chapter President or faculty-assigned Advisor.

Led by the Officers of the Grand Council of the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity and Foundation, our mission is to promote scholastic and professional achievement, participate in National Projects that benefit the community and recognize members through many distinguished awards, scholarships and fellowships. Over the years, Kappa Epsilon Fraternity has grown to include more than 25,000 members dedicated to the field of pharmacy.

Pharmacy students attending a school of pharmacy at university or college were no professional pharmacy fraternities exist are welcome to consider becoming a founding member of a new KE Collegiate Chapter.

Entries into Membership

  • Contact a KE Collegiate Chapter Officer
  • Guidelines for Colonization
  • Professional Membership Application

Please contact the KE Office with questions and to obtain guidelines and application forms.

Types of Membership


A collegiate member is a student enrolled in a college of pharmacy pursuing an entry-level degree in pharmacy where a chapter of the fraternity is located.

Pre-Pharmacy Affiliate

A pre-pharmacy affiliate member is a pre-professional student planning to pursue a degree in pharmacy in a college or university where there is a Kappa Epsilon chapter.

Allied Health Science Affiliate

An allied health science affiliate member is a student who is pursuing a degree in an allied health science in a college or university where there is a Kappa Epsilon chapter.


The qualifications of a professional member will be considered by Grand Council provided the individual is a graduate of a college/school of pharmacy, has practiced in a field of pharmacy for at least two years and is not a member of any other professional pharmacy fraternity.