In April 2014, the Pi Chapter participated in the local Relay For Life of Purdue University to advocate for cancer awareness and prevention. In addition to hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness Lab and selling breast cancer themed caKE pops, seven girls donated 8 or more inches of hair to a program called Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

The donated hair will be used to make wigs for cancer patients currently undergoing treatment who have lost their own. It was an amazing opportunity for the Members of the Pi Chapter on campus at Purdue University to give back to the community and contribute something, as simple as hair, to help other women feel beautiful again. The ladies who donated their hair (featured left to right in the photo) include Christine Kane, Jaclyn Morris, Heather Harnvanich, Caitlyn Curry, Hannah Bough, Emily Doan and Hannah Evers.

The Pi Chapter team comprised of 14 members raised over $2,600 dollars for the American Cancer Society and achieved status as the Bronze Team. This year was the start of their involvement with the event and they look forward to making an even bigger impact for years to come.