Morgan Healy Ciota left us on January 6, 2014, and will be greatly missed by everyone at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy and Kappa Epsilon Chapters across the Nation.

Morgan was a spirited and vibrant young woman.  She was a devoted member of the KE Alpha Omicron Chapter on campus at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, served on the basketball team, a front-desk worker and loyal participant to many other groups on campus.  She was loved by everyone.

No one word exists that quite described Morgan. She was so many things. Among her attributes were spirited, loyal, loving and humorous. Her humor is what people loved most about her. Her smile was a light in the darkest of times and everywhere she went laughter seemed to follow.

Morgan loved being in Kappa Epsilon and it was an absolute perfect fit for her.  She loved the Sisterhood, the friendships and the great experiences that are the prime staple among the fraternity. Morgan also loved unicorns. Even before she joined KE, Morgan made it known that the mythical horse-like creature was her favorite. Many members of the Alpha Omicron Chapter agreed that Morgan taught them what it was like to be a true KE Unicorn. When one thinks of the majestic unicorn many things come to mind.  Among their many attributes are happiness, cheer and uniqueness. This is how Morgan is to be remembered.

Sisterhood. It is a bond that cannot be broken. In life. In death. We are Sisters and Morgan will never be forgotten.

morgan at variety show

The KE Unicorns of Alpha Omicron