Start a Collegiate Chapter

Three prerequisites must be met at a college or school of pharmacy in order to proceed with the colonization process to induct the founding members and confirm status as a KE Collegiate Chapter. The following steps are outlined in the Guidelines for Colonization of New Chapters.

For the full guidelines click: Colonization-Reactivation Manual

Step 1

The first requirement is to meet AACP and ACPE accreditation:

“…school/college of pharmacy that is a member in good standing with the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), and is accredited by the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE), or is pursuing accreditation by ACPE, such as in the event of a newly established school/college of pharmacy…”

Step 2

We need the approval and a statement of support from the Dean of the College of Pharmacy:

“…A signed statement of support from the school’s administration, usually from the Dean or the Assistant/Associate Dean…”

Step 3

We need a group of ten (10) pharmacy students attending the said College of Pharmacy who are interested in being the founding members of the said Collegiate Chapter, have receive approval from the school’s administration and aware that they should also follow fraternal procedures required by the college:

“…The interested group, of at least 10 (ten) people, must receive approval from the school’s administration and must follow the procedures of the university in order to be recognized as an official organization of the university…”

Colonization Period

Once these steps have been confirmed, we’ll take it to the next level—to initiate a one-year Colonization Period. We welcome new Kappa Epsilon Collegiate Chapters and look forward to hearing from you!

You may reach the Executive Director of Kappa Epsilon Fraternity at