Kappa Epsilon Members

The members of the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity encourage one another to become capable pharmacists and share the bond of a lifelong commitment of loyalty and friendship.

Fraternity life has many benefits, some immediate and some long-lasting. The Kappa Epsilon Fraternity provides its members with noteworthy contacts for professional networking, encourages both personal and professional development, recognizes members’ achievements through awards and honors, provides scholarship and fellowship opportunities, participates in national projects that benefit the community and shares a common bond to make a difference.

Kappa Epsilon members share the attributes of the profession, lifelong friendships, high ideals and the purposes of the Fraternity. The founding members of Kappa Epsilon set very high standards for the Fraternity and its members to enrich their lives and strengthen their dedication to the profession of pharmacy. Together, each member is encouraged and challenged to uphold these standards throughout their college years and beyond.

At Kappa Epsilon you will find friendship, respect, inspiring activities, community service, professionalism, lifelong networking and just plain fun!

Goals for Members

Uniting students of pharmacy across the nation

Cooperating with faculties of colleges where chapters are established

Inspiring members with a desire for high scholarship

Fostering a professional consciousness

Providing a bond of lasting loyalty, interest and friendship

Our Advantages


Professional Development

Continuing Education

Local & National Leadership

Community Service

National Conventions

Alumni Retreats Friendship & Fun!

Zada Cooper Scholarships

The Zada M. Cooper Scholarship was established in 1955 in honor of Kappa Epsilon’s founder, Zada M. Cooper. Recognizing superior achievement, the scholarship is supported by a small percentage of each member’s national dues in addition to KE Members who donate to the KE Foundation Scholarship Fund. This award consists of five $750 scholarships that are presented annually to active collegiate members by the KE Foundation.

The applicant must have completed the equivalent of six semesters of undergraduate education with at least two of these semesters in an accredited college of pharmacy. Preference is given to applicants who have maintained high academic standards and have also contributed substantially to the activities of their KE Chapter and college of pharmacy. Consideration is also given to those applicants who are in need of financial assistance. There may be more than one applicant per collegiate chapter. Applications due by November 30.


How to Apply

  • Meet Eligibility Requirements: Collegiate members in good standing may apply
  • Scholastic Ability: Completed six semesters of undergraduate education with at least two semesters in an accredited college of pharmacy
  • Submit Your Application: Consideration will be given to those who need financial assistance

Application Documents

  • Zada Cooper Scholarship Application
  • Letter of Reference Form

Application forms are available to Members at the KE Docs Page.  Contact the KE Office with questions.


Kappa Epsilon has played an important role in the profession of pharmacy by supporting both personal and professional development through continuing education for its members; has promoted and supported projects that address women’s health issues; and has furthered pharmaceutical education and research.

As we encourage Kappa Epsilon Members to achieve greatness, it is important that we acknowledge their achievements. In recognition, Kappa Epsilon takes great pride in bestowing and recognizing the many distinguished awards presented to its valued members over the years.

Career Achievement Award
The Career Achievement Award was created in 1965 to honor a KE Member for their professional accomplishments. It is awarded annually to an alumni member, and the recipient becomes the KE nomination for the PFA Career Achievement Award. A plaque is presented to the awardee. Nominations are screened by the Awards Committee and final selection by Grand Council. Nominations are due by October 15. Award Criteria: • Member in good standing • Participating actively in KE • Of national or international renown • At least 15 years of pharmacy career experience
Key of Excellence
The Key of Excellence was established in 1959 to honor an alumni member who has made meritorious contributions to the profession as well as to Kappa Epsilon. The award itself is a key made of yellow gold which carries the lettering Key of Excellence and the coat of arms. Nominations and selection will be reviewed and determined by Grand Council with corresponding vote of Grand Chapter during Convention. The Key of Excellence is Kappa Epsilon’s highest honor. Award Criteria: • Member in good standing • Significant contributions to KE with long-term service to the Fraternity • Known within the pharmacy community for participation in other associations
KE/Merck Vanguard Leadership Award
The KE/Merck Vanguard Leadership Award was established in 1989 to recognize exemplary pharmacists who are members of KE. Merck & Company, Inc. continues to support this award. It is awarded annually to an alumni member and presented at the Kappa Epsilon reception during the APhA Annual Meeting. Recipients have the option to be featured as a keynote speaker at the Kappa Epsilon biennial National Convention. Nominations are screened by the Awards Committee and final selection by Grand Council. The Awardee receives a plaque and is offered the opportunity to serve as a Continuing Education Speaker at National Convention. Nominations are due by October 15. Award Criteria: • Has served as an active participant in KE • Has made sustained exemplary contributions to their area of practice, professional associations, regulatory bodies, or pharmacy education • In their community, has demonstrated unique qualities of service beyond self; influencing and helping others, exhibiting innovation, seeking new challenges, and/or demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit
Linda Rodgers Memorial Award
The Linda T. Rodgers Memorial Award was established in 1985 to honor a Kappa Epsilon member who best exemplifies Linda`s characteristics of leadership, dedication, diplomacy, friendship, and inspiration to others to attain higher goals and achievements. Linda Rodgers served as KE Grand Council President from 1981 to 1984, and resigned due to health problems. Later that year, Linda died of breast cancer. This dynamic woman, whose motto was “Do it till they tell you, you can`t,” influenced many people during her lifetime. A $200 award is presented annually to a KE Member; in even numbered years to a collegiate and to an alumni in odd-numbered years. Nominations due by May 15.
Nellie Wakeman Fellowship
The Nellie Wakeman Fellowship is a $7500 award jointly sponsored by the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE) and Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Inc. It was established in 1957 to encourage outstanding Kappa Epsilon members to pursue an advanced degree in a college of pharmacy graduate program in the pharmaceutical sciences. Applicants must be in the final year of the Pharm.D. program or have completed the Pharm.D. degree and planning to enroll in a Ph.D. degree, Masters degree or combined Residency / Masters degree at an accredited U.S. College or School of Pharmacy. Consideration is given to those who need financial assistance to further their education. At the time of application, the Kappa Epsilon Member must be in good financial standing with the Fraternity. Applications are due by February 1.
Unicorn Award
The Unicorn Award was established in 1985 to recognize alumni members serving as the leaders, workers, contributors and creators who make Kappa Epsilon a better organization. Nominations and selections are made by the Grand Council. Recipients are honored at Kappa Epsilon’s biennial National Convention. Award Criteria: • Active participation and involvement within KE • At least five years of post-collegiate service to KE. Some examples of service include advising a collegiate chapter, participating in an alumni chapter, serving as a KE National Liaison, serving on a national committee and/or serving on Grand Council.


  • Career Achivement Award
  • Linda Rodgers Memorial Award
  • KE / Merck Vanguard Leadership Award
  • Nellie Wakeman Fellowship
  • Letter of Reference

Application forms are available to Members at the KE Docs Page.  Contact the KE Office with questions.

National Liaison Program

The KE National Liaison Program was created in 2005 to strengthen the bond and remove the physical boundaries between the Grand Council and Kappa Epsilon Collegiate Chapters.

KE National Liaisons are enthusiastic alumni representatives of Kappa Epsilon, who reside in areas that are in close proximity to a Kappa Epsilon Collegiate Chapter and serve as a liaison between the Grand Council and chapter members. Each KE National Liaison is encouraged to communicate with the chapters in their assigned area, complete a formal visitation on behalf of Grand Council at least once during the biennium, assist with providing ideas for chapter management or operations, as needed, and keep Grand Council informed of chapter activities and significant events. If you are interested in serving as a KE National Liaison to a nearby Kappa Epsilon Collegiate Chapter in your area, please sign into the KE member site (go to forms, click on National Liaison, and fill out the National Liaison interest form. For further assistance or questions please contact the Executive Office at

A National Liaison

  • Assists Grand Council: By serving as a liaison between Grand Council and Collegiate Chapters
  •  Assists Collegiate Chapters: Communicates and coordinates with assigned Collegiate Chapters
  • Assists the Missions: Play a vital role in accomplishing and promoting the work of Kappa Epsilon

The Benefit

  • Become involved with collegiates
  • Share your knowledge & expertise
  • Encourage others to acheive great
  • Extend the reach throughout the community
  • Celebrate your accomplishments
  • Make a Difference!